Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

Ito yung apprehension ko eh, traveling to another country with Xavy considering he is a minor and an illegitimate. I've heard stories about how a consent from both parents is required if only one of the parent is traveling with the minor. Basically Xavy is legally considered illegitimate since his Dad and I are not [...]


Solo Parent’s benefits as recognized by law!

I am sure not a lot of solo parents are aware that there is such thing as RA 8972 also known as the "Solo Parent's Welfare Act of 2000". Oh well, there is. And if it wasn't for one of my colleagues who has been exercising this right, I wouldn't have known either.So according to [...]

Day 6

So our HR (who's like a mother to me as well), advised me that I should go to GWave instead of going thru DSWD and the Family Court coz if I do the later, it's going to be messy, at least with GWave, it's not going to be a fiasco. Looks like our company lawyer [...]