Walking 101 with Xavier



Why growing up without a dad was the best thing to happen to me!

I never met my father. He abandoned my mom days after I was born. As I got older and understood more about life, resentment and anger eventually crept in - feelings that could have led me down the wrong path in life, if it wasn't for my amazing mother.A single mom that pulled double duty [...]

Day 6

So our HR (who's like a mother to me as well), advised me that I should go to GWave instead of going thru DSWD and the Family Court coz if I do the later, it's going to be messy, at least with GWave, it's not going to be a fiasco. Looks like our company lawyer [...]

Day 3

So he was like "happy 1st birthday to my bby" with a feeling happy emoticon in Facebook that I felt like puking. Really?! The nerve! After he regrettably said that he wouldn't have had his son if he and his 2nd cousin were like "nagkauyab" before. He really just does not have a word of honor. He [...]