Day 73 – Loudbasstard speaker

Definitely one want! Doesn't it make you feel you proud knowing that these internationally exported speakers are hand crafted by Filipinos in Cebu? I don't know about you but I feel extremely proud! #thehappinessproject #100happydays


Thrifty Mama Shoppe

One of my "suki" for Xav's cloth diapers is Thrifty Mama Shoppe. One of the reasons I keep going back to her online store is those cheap Alva cloth diapers with free shipping. She has printed and solid colors of those diapers. Xav has been using them since he turned 3 months old. Owned by Marianne [...]

Shoppe @ Me

Another online store that I got one of Xav's essentials is at Shoppe @ Me. Based in Manila, this seller does meetups too. She's very easy to transact with and promptly replies to your messages. This store mainly sells humidifiers of different designs and colors. She also has scented oils for these humidifiers. Shipping was prompt, LBC [...]

Game Zone Online

For games and gadgets, I prefer to buy it from Game Zone Online. This is where I got the PS3 Game - NBA 2013 for a really affordable price. The advantage of this online store is the payment options, you have a lot to choose from and one of them is my favorite, UnionBank. It's very [...]

Busha pants from Krisette’s Good Finds

Now that I've got a little boy who's growing each day, I've been browsing the net for baby essentials and clothing, searching all over the world wide web where I could get wholesale items and possibly starting an online shop when I have more time in my hands and most importantly, the money.Busha pants is [...]

Orders anyone?

Mom says if I can sell 100 of these, then we can give my Yaya her salary this month otherwise I will be without a Yaya next month. Would you like to help a little boy and order one? Trust me, it works! Remember all those pimples that Mom had when she was still pregnant [...]