Relationships, affairs and infidelity.

Relationships, affairs and infidelity.

"Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you." - Confucius I've always believed that karma exists. Sometimes not as fast as you wanted it but still, it's there, sulking in the dark and just waiting for the right moment. Which is why if I do something really drastic I always take into [...]

Day 218

7 months, 6 days or 218 days since the crappiest breakup I ever had in my whole life, I rethink if I have really moved on. It's not that I haven't done this a thousand times since but today seems like a good day to do it again. I blame it on Jason Mraz's newest [...]

Day 17 – 28 Ways To Move On From A Past Relationship

"Have faith that true love is meant to be and one day love will come shining through. No matter how sad your heart is, the love that you wish for will come true...if you believe."When a relationship is over, it's time to let go. Holding on to a past love clutters up your heart and [...]