Multivitamin gummies for your kids

Multivitamin gummies for your kids

Choosing the right multivitamin for your toddlers can be exhausting. Oh well, it was for me anyways. Xavy is very picky when it comes to what he eats, like for real. To give you an idea, he does not like candies, sodas, juices, cakes and he will only have a little of the ice cream [...]


Relationships, affairs and infidelity.

Relationships, affairs and infidelity.

"Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you." - Confucius I've always believed that karma exists. Sometimes not as fast as you wanted it but still, it's there, sulking in the dark and just waiting for the right moment. Which is why if I do something really drastic I always take into [...]

Di Bale Na.

"But I don’t want nothing at all, if I ain't got you baby..." Naalala na naman kita at sya. Sabi mo kasi yan yung naalala mo na madalas nyang kinakanta. Nakakainis isipin kung gaano kita kadalas naalala sa isang araw. Sa pagtulog, pagkain at sa work. Kahit nga sa mga calls ko, naalala ko na dati [...]

Nothing is as it seems.

We were driving one late night, from a friend's party and heading home. Listening so some song and not talking. Everything was okay, we didn't have a fight recently or some argument at all. Everything seemed pitch perfect, it was that kind of night described in books where you're together enjoying the night without speaking [...]

There Is No Such Thing As Equal Love: Why The One Who Cares Less Always ‘Wins’

Pat Benatar said it best: “Love is a battlefield.”  Some have said that people don’t like relationships, but rather, the drama of them. And anyone who has been in a relationship knows that it’s nothing but drama.Unless you’ve gotten to that point where both of you are so perfect and compatible that you marry each [...]

Day 218

7 months, 6 days or 218 days since the crappiest breakup I ever had in my whole life, I rethink if I have really moved on. It's not that I haven't done this a thousand times since but today seems like a good day to do it again. I blame it on Jason Mraz's newest [...]


The brain stores memories in different ways. Short term memories, where you left the keys, the name of the girl you picked up at the bar last night, are managed by the hippocampus. But the hippocampus doesn't keep them for long. It kicks them out into the cortex where they strengthen or weaken depending on [...]