That new halo-halo place

Halo-halo is naturally a favorite for Pinoys. It’s prolly because it’s inexpensive and refreshingly sweet, and cold, perfect for our “always summer” weather. And over the years, we’ve got different versions of it. But, surprisingly we’re not really into halo-halo or sweets for that matter but that’s not going to stop us from checking out the latest halo-halo place in town, Monbis’ Halo-halo at Dad’s Gastro Park. Monbis’ Halo-halo started in Cebu and apparently palaging may pila sa stores nila. So yes, that got us curious.

It was their opening day. We decided to go their pretty late, we wanted to avoid the crowd. It was slightly packed and someone was playing the acoustic guitar. We ordered halo-halo (they only have 1 variation for now) and siomai. They have other stuff on their menu too.

So how was it? Well, the serving is smaller than what you can get at Bethel. The presentation is very Xavy friendly, with the Stik-O in it. I loved that the serving is small, I can’t hardly finish the Bethel’s serving. The shaved ice is flavored, which made the whole thing taste like ice cream instead of halo-halo.

So, are we going back? Definitely yes! We like this better than Bethel’s. Although Xavy liked Azalea’s better because according to him, he liked the mountain view. So if you’re ever near Dad’s Gastro Park, check out Monbis’ Halo-halo.


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