Coffee anyone?

Xavy never got to enjoy his semestral break as he got sick the whole time. So the past few days, we’ve been going out and trying new places. He’s been checking out Coffee Grove in Google Maps and has been rambling about going to Balayag-Manok (where this place is located). So we checked it out. 

We found the place surprisingly nice! The prices are also very affordable. The best para sa amin is that the owner is nice, she’s very polite and so soft-spoken. 

Their food is also good! Xavy had the cookies and hot choco. We tried their empanadas, they were baked and was good. Also tried their carbonara, it’s good. 

My day mostly start with coffee so this a good find for me. Mga 20 minutes ride sya from the city. It’s not packed with your usual “coffee shop crowd”. It’s quiet and you’ll find people talking in hushed voices, 2 or 3 people quietly working on their laptops.

A few friends recommended this place, it’s been there for several months but we just never had the time to check it out. Xavy loves cookies so when they mentioned that the cookies are good, specially with the gravy, we decided to check it out.

We’ll definitely come back to this place. If you’re ever in Valencia and wanted somewhere quite, you definitely should check this out. 


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