Jollibee-ey breakfast

Mom and Dad decided to drop by at Jollibee for a “quick” breakfast this morning. And of course Dad ordered his favorite Corned beef with egg and Mom got “extra” spicy chicken joy.

Their “quick” breakfast turned to an hour breakfast because  it took forever to have Mom’s chickenjoy served. The North Road branch was jampacked again and their wifi sucked (password is jbnorthroad), so Mom was more irritated than ever. She could get really nasty when she’s in a hurry, she thinks that every minute wasted just waiting is a dollar lost. Couln’t really blame her.

In case you don’t want to experience long waiting hours like my Mom, you can always have your food delivered, their Perdices branch has the delivery service, their contact info is:

Perdices Road Dumaguete
Gov. Perdices cor. San Jose Sts.,
Dumaguete City
Tel. No. (035) 225-69-00


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